Stakelogic Launches Content with Napoleon Sports & Casino

Stakelogic has launched its content and products with Napoleon Sports & Casino, a popular online gaming brand in Belgium owned by Superbet Group. The website will now feature a selection of dice and slot games that have been developed by Stakelogic and established themselves as appreciated player-favorite titles.

Stakelogic Doubles Down on Great Content in Belgium

The partnership will empower Napoleon Sports & Casino and help the company have access to award-winning content that will bolster the operator’s own retention and engagement opportunities in the long run. Some of the games featured as part of the operator’s portfolio moving forward are based on Super Stake, Mega Super Stake, and Stakelogic’s Megaways, all of which are mechanics that define entire swathes of games provided by Stakelogic.

Players will enjoy popular choices, such as the Expendables Megaways and the El Cowboy Megaways. Commenting on this partnership opportunity, Stakelogic sales manager Neil Tanti said that the company was thrilled with the development and welcomed the opportunity to expand the company’s reach and pull with BENELUX customers, player bases, and operators. Tanti confirmed that the company has already enj ufa365 oyed good results:

We have already seen great success in Belgium with our most popular slot game titles, as well as the dice games that are also included in the Napoleon deal, so I’m sure the players at Napoleon will engage with them also.

Stakelogic sales manager Neil Tanti

Napoleon Sports & Casino and gaming content manager Melissa Deboelpaep were similarly pleased with the opportunity and new content added to the website. Stakelogic’s suite of games is an important step forward for the company, Deboelpaep assured. The manager confirmed that Napoleon was committed to providing players with the most tempting and worthwhile content offers.

“Our players already found their way during the soft launch, we noticed an excellent take-up,” she concluded. Apart from the games that are already featured by the developer, Stakelogic expects to add more titles on a regular basis in a bid to strengthen its own presence. Stakelogic has been expanding its content reach and portfolio rapidly.

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Stakelogic’s Footprint Increases Globally

Recently, the company confirmed that it is launching with MrQ for the British market. Stakelogic also introduced live game shows in the Netherlands earlier this month in another ground-breaking partnership. Stakelogic’s offer has hardly been focused on one aspect of the iGaming experience, trying to offer an encompassing look instead. Stakelogic has been expanding rapidly across the board and looking to break ground into European, Latin American, African, and North American markets with equal zest and determination.