Slotsroom hotel grand opening on December 13

Fontainebleau Las Vegas, a $3.7 billion casino-resort project, had its official grand opening on the night of December 13. There were many A-listers and VIP guests who could enter only by special invitation at the grand opening party.

Private, luxury party:

After a ribbon-cutting ceremony that lasted 30 minutes and took place before the midnight opening, family and friends of Jeffrey Soffer, CEO of Fontainebleau Development, sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Plus, he wasn’t alone on stage, as he was joined by 18 collaborators “to the resort’s opening in the Urs Fischer Gallery for the property’s first big event.” In this regard, commenting on the entire project, Soffer said: “When you build a building like this, it usually takes about six years to plan and build it. It’s so big and massive. So to do that in less than three years, it doesn’t happen without a great development team.”

The beginning of the aforementioned ceremony was marked by a line-up of Chinese dragon dancers who emphasized the global style that the casino-resort is projected to have after its opening. Furthermore, a hundred invitations arrived specifically for this event and welcomed comments from invited dignitaries and Soffer’s development team. However, during the morning of December 13, various guests were also spotted who decided to stay at the property before the official opening.  Relatedly, among the celebrities who attended the grand opening party were legendary singer Cher, actor/producer Aaron Paul, retired quarterback Tom Brady, rocker Alice Cooper and many more.

As there were a lot of speakers throughout the ribbon-cutting, among them was Steve Hill, the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which is slated to officially become an ally of the casino-resort due to its closeness to the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.

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The property turned up its high-end vibes throughout the party. The gorgeous models made the entire party even more blissful with their presence. In addition, 2 bands performed their songs to make things more entertaining, prior to the beginning of casino games.

Great anticipation:

Even before the scheduled opening time, a large crowd gathered at the corner of Las Vegas and Elvis Presley Boulevards. Commenting on that, Carlos Aguirre, the resident of Las Vegas, who was first in line waiting for the doors to the casino-resort to finally open, said: “I’ve been living here for 23 years, I didn’t wanna miss this casino opening. It started in 2007 and took forever. I expect the latest of the latest.”

However, Fontainebleau officials decided not to hold fireworks to mark the opening, which surprised a large number of people online. On that note, the casino-resort said: “Elegant entrances sometimes outshine flashy displays. Our allure lies not in fleeting pyrotechnics, but in the timeless beauty of our soaring towers, the exquisite dance of fountains, and the dazzling symphony of entertainment within.”

As for parking spaces, on-site parking wasn’t permitted to the public, but for early birds, there were free parking spaces in the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall parking lot, which were given to guests on a “first-come, first-served” basis. In addition, when the garage officially opens on the property, it won’t be free of charge. In this regard, the firm’s spoke person said that public will have the opportunity to park for free for a Caesars casino online maximum of 4 hours, but didn’t give any additional info about long-term prices.

As for room prices, they have a wide range. According to information gathered from a price survey, the price for a midweek booking just after Christmas is $160 per night, and for the weekend before New Year’s Eve is $400 per night. But, it looks like there are no rooms available for the weekend before the upcoming Super Bowl.

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Miami of the West:

Throughout the aforementioned ribbon-cutting ceremony, Tick Segerblom, the Commissioner from Clark County, in whose district Fontainebleau is located, said that there is a large difference between the offering of this new Fontainebleau and its counterpart located in Miami.

In this regard, he said according to the Slotsroom casino: “Welcome to Miami of the West. We have so much in common. You have an ocean, we have gaming, and marijuana. But honestly, it’s a true privilege to have you here. Your art, your culture, your history is so perfect for where we are. Both Miami and Las Vegas are really on fire right now. So, it’s just a perfect marriage in my opinion.”