Oosto to Power River Spirit with Facial Recognition

AI specialist Oosto has inked a new agreement with Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises, agreeing to power the latter’s River Spirit Casino Resort property in Oklahoma with facial recognition software. The tribal venue has thousands of visitors a day and will greatly benefit from the new solution.

Oosto to Help River Spirit Prevent Crime

The facial recognition software will help River Spirit prevent known criminals and fraudsters from entering its premises. In addition, it will help the operator stop self-excluded customers from playing and exposing themselves to harm.

The addition of the new solutions shows that the casino realizes the need to carefully check everyone who enters the venue and by extension maintain its reputation. The so-called OnWatch real-time watchlist alerting will automatically identify security threats and inform the casino personnel.

Oosto’s system leverages the company’s proprietary Centralized Intelligence Database to instantly supply River Spirit with information about known bad actors. In addition, the OnSearch Forensics Analytics tool will help the casino team solve committed crimes.

Muscogee Gaming Nation Trusts Its New Partner

Travis Thompson, Muscogee Gaming Nation’s director of compliance, spoke about the additi ufa365 on of Oosto’s solutions to River Spirit Casino and Resort. He noted that the latter’s technology has helped the venue dramatically reduce the manual processes associated with identifying bad actors.

He explained that every person who gets banned from the venue for one reason or another will be entered into the Oosto database. Thanks to that, the system would identify the person if they try to enter the venue again and will alert the personnel.  

Thompson added that Oosto’s software will be of great help for future investigations.

We can backward search or we can forward search from the point we put in and so we know when people have been on our property and I think that’s extremely helpful to us.

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Travis Thompson, director of compliance, Muscogee Gaming Nation Enterprises

Oosto’s chief revenue officer, Adi Nativ, added that he is really excited to showcase Oosto’s AI capabilities by relieving Muscogee Nation’s busy security team.

When battle-tested against other facial recognition technology providers in complex environments, Oosto always proves to be the superior solution ‘in the wild’ – our accuracy and speed of detection are unmatched.

Adi Nativ, CRO, Oosto

Nativ thanked the tribal operator for trusting Oosto and promised that it won’t be let down.

Security integration and consulting firm partner, Orion Security Solutions, tested Oosto’s software and said that it delivers exactly what it promises. Orion praised the AI specialist for creating such a robust solution that can prevent real-life crime.