Call of Duty League Adds 5 Majors, Cuts Playoffs to 8 Teams in 2021

The Call of Duty League has introduced a revised format for the 2021 season, introducing five major events that will grant additional CDL points to participants.

Call of Duty League Introduces Major Tournaments

The Call of Duty League (CDL) will play out to a revised format for the upcoming 2021 season, the organization has announced, with Major tournaments now part of the competitive circuit. Moving forward, the regular CDL format will include five main stages, and each stage will lead up to a Major event.

During the stage period, CDL teams will participate in five group play matches to reach a Major event, where additional points will be awarded to the overall CDL score of each franchise. Before a Major event takes place, teams will take part in three Home Series weeks of play, making for a busy schedule next year.

In 2021, Major events will include 12 teams instead of the eight teams which were playing during the 2020 Home Series. However, while 12 teams will participate in the Home Series, only eight teams can make it to the playoffs next year.  Most of these games are expected to take place online similar to 2020.

Changes Continue Throughout the CDL

This comes on top of other modifications and changes the league has undergone so far, including the introduction of a PC platform, but retaining the use of controllers that have been approved by league authorities.

The 2021 season will most likely be played online as the ongoing pandemic still makes it difficult to organize competitive gaming events in person. Another modification to last season is the shift of format to a four-versus-form, which has prompted layoffs and professional teams disbanding.

This year, the CDL suffered as most of its LAN events had to be rescheduled or canceled, but eventually, the Dallas Empire owned by Envy Gaming, winning the first CDL Championship in August.

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No further details as to the CDL 2021 rosters, rules, sea ph646 son start, or teams have been announced yet. Hopes are that the playoffs and grand finals will be played in a LAN format.