Betinvest confirms sports betting focus for G2E Las Vegas

With G2E Las Vegas set to take place next week, gaming companies are announcing their intentions for the big conference. Betinvest is one such company that will be attending G2E, having stated this week that they will be using their presence to work towards extending their sports betting services in the United States.

Extend Their Reach in the US:

VP of business development for Betinvest, Valentyn Kyrylenko, stated that the company has a strategy to focus efforts on the United States sports betting industry by developing their ‘internationally renowned technologies, solutions and services.’ Betinvest has plans to introduce several commercial offers as well as promotions created with the US sports betting landscape in mind.

According to SBCAmericas…

Mr. Kyrylenko noted that North America is a significant area for the company regarding their current growth worldwide and G2E will play a big role in their efforts to expand. The company already has representation in the United States in areas where the sports betting industry is legal, and they want to use their reputation to help pu 7BALL sh the sector forward.

Vegas Specials: 

Betinvest already has more than nineteen years in the sports betting industry as an advanced digital solutions provider. The company has stated they will be exhibiting in Las Vegas next week, showcasing unique discounts, a pricing structure for new clients and more.

Betinvest hopes to increase their visibility with partners in North America. To do this, the company is attending G2E with promotional conditions for cooperation and specially-created commercial offers, as a strategy to develop further within the US.

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