1×2 Network Welcomes Instant Games from Highlight Games

As a result, Highlight Games Limited will see its games featured with operators across the 1×2 N Network which focuses on helping select studios and their products strike home with more online opera ufa365 tors and their audiences.

Sports Fans Get More Games to Play

Highlight Games develops esteemed instant and virtual win content that makes it a perfect fit for 1×2 Network which is constantly looking to add more innovative and worthwhile content to its window shops. Among the games that 1×2 customers will be able to access as a result are select titles, such as Manchester City’s “Scratch of the Day” instant win game and SOCCERBET, which is available in several languages.

There are also NBA and IIHF International Ice Hockey games to add even more variety to the games that you can experience and enjoy. Commenting on this opportunity, Highlight Games co-CEO Steven Holmes said that he was absolutely stoked to see his company’s products launch with the 1×2 network.

This agreement will broaden the availability of our products even further, and I look forward to sharing news of more content featuring teams from premium football leagues available via 1X2 in the near future.

1×2 Network commercial director Chris Loftus was similarly pleased with the opportunity to see the network grow with yet another trusted and respected partner.

“Football holds universal appeal with players, and virtual sports have been a pillar of our brand since day one, We’re delighted to have the opportunity to be offering these innovative games that feature some of the best teams and players in the business,” Loftus added, focusing on the fact that Highlight Games appeals to soccer and sports audiences and does so through inventive and innovative game design.

1×2 Network has been growing its reach of titles and available partner operators at a good pace over the past several weeks and months. The company boosted its capacity with AD LUNAM and Rogue rollout in February and secured another important content tie-up with 7777 gaming in March.

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